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Kangen Alkaline Water. Alkalize your water. Finally a water alkalizing and ionizing machine that produces alkaline & ionized pure, healthy, living water! It is very important that we maintain the proper alkaline pH balance of our blood and at the cell level for optimum health and personal energy. Alkaline water helps to neutralize and eliminate toxic acidic waste buildup. This is the best water you can drink for overall health. Enagic received the World Gold Quality Award in August 2011 as being the best ionizer.

Himalayan Pink Salt contains 84 essential minerals and is mined by hand from deep within the Himalayan Mountains; this salt is truly an ocean of energy! These are the tallest mountain range in the world. The moment it again touches water, this special salt will come alive, setting free its inherent, stored healing energy that can benefit your body. 2 lb. $31 Free Shipping

Cayenne Tincture, super hot and good for heart health, stops a heart attack in minutes. Also stops bleeding and Heals ulcers. Yes, cayenne pepper for high blood pressure is certainly one of its core uses. Cayenne cleans the arteries as well, helping to rid the body of bad cholesterol. 2 ounces -$35

MSM. How MSM Works: MSM makes cell walls permeable, allowing water and Nutrients to freely flow into cells and allowing wastes and toxins to properly flow out. The body uses MSM and vitamin C together to build healthy new cells. MSM provides the flexible bond between the cells. Without MSM, the new cell is not permeable, and osmosis is hampered. These cells lose their flexibility, as with scar tissue, wrinkles, varicose veins, hardened arteries or the damaged lung tissue of the person with emphysema. Conditions Aggravated by MSM Deficiency: Allergies, sore joints and muscles, chronic fatigue, elevated cholesterol, Candida “yeast” infections, soft and chipping nails, hair loss, wrinkles, scar tissue, lung dysfunction, diabetes, ulcers, migraine headaches, Alzheimer’s and diverticulosis. $20 lb. ship free.

MMS water purification drops. Kills all pathogens and microorganisms on contact. MMS (Miraculous Minerals Drops) is a germicidal agent capable of attacking and killing evolving flu viruses. It operates without regard for the strain or variation that may evolve from time to time. This opinion is based on the chemistry and behavior of activated MMS when it is used according to the instructions. $35.

Also can make Homeopathic remedies when needed. Homeopathic is the treatment of like cures like. Ask me for more info on this.

8. Healing Green clay. Montmorillonite Clay or Calcium Bentonite can be taken to charge the immune system during an ongoing disease, and it can also be taken as a preventative to ward off any potential ailments. Aids in the Elimination of internal parasites (digestive tracts), well regulated bowels, No more ulcers, Fights free radicals, relief from constipation or diarrhea, no more indigestion. It enriches and balances blood. It adsorbs radiation (think cell phones, microwaves, x-rays, TVs and irradiated food, for starters). It has been used for alcoholism, arthritis, cataracts, diabetic neuropathy, pain treatment, open wounds, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids. 1 pound $26.50 Free shipping.

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